Before I Love Makonnen contributed to the pastime of making Tuesday just as insane as a weekend , Downtown Las Vegas’s Beauty Bar has been hosting a tradition of their own parties that make the local scene and the tourist experience substantially more enjoyable. The famed Nickel F***ing Beer night has hosted legit artists on a more-than-fairly constant basis, with the likes of AC Slater, Kastle, and Crizzly among their more recent roster. The momentum continued last Tuesday as the UK’s Hospital Records made a stop in Sin City for a special edition of the cheap booze affair.


The dream of a salon-looking drinking spot is realized in Beauty Bar’s front room. Upon walking in, one is greeted with hair dryers to the right and a full bar to the left. You’re also welcomed with a set of decks in the back with the venue’s resident DJs showing a good time to those lucky enough to get in early. Local DJ Beast Fremont(a clever play on words in relation to that area of town) has always offered an eclectic curation of Bass music to get people ready before doors open to the back patio, so we’d highly suggest showing up early instead of the typical living room pregame.

When the night becomes less young, access is granted to an impressive main dance floor outside. Murals and art surround you, the air is refreshing, and at these specific events, beers are literally on tap for a nickel(but tip your bartenders). The vibe feels like home no matter what event is hosted out there, and even when the line for beer is unbelievable and the headlining act has caused a mosh pit, there will always be a safe spot to breathe.

You never want to get rest from the action for too long, and that was especially the case with last Tuesday’s roster. In celebration of their Future Sound of America Compilation, Hospital Records brought Etherwood, BlacklabFred V & Graffix, S.P.Y., and MC Dino to provide the hype for the night. Even a last second payment at the door was a steal, as each DJ booked commanded the energy in an smooth but rapid pace. There were plenty of intense sections of each set, but the show was just as full of heavily melodic tunes that encouraged a bit of therapy and introspection on the dancefloor.

Music of this quality and absence from the mainstream is not as lost on Las Vegas as one may think from the outside. Though there was a crowded show, you couldn’t point out a single lost look in the eyes of anyone in attendance; the reveling that took place was met with an education of the scene and each artist who contributed tunes. I Love DNB has put in a significant amount of work in forming the community that has needed these kind of events, proving their success once again with the turnout of this showcase.


There’s never rest for the wicked, as Beauty Bar sees Calyx & Teebee and Delta Heavy among many others posting on the outdoor stage on March 22nd. Tonight Monstercat’s San Holo will be in attendance for his first headline Vegas show. The real featured act will forevermore be the silent assassin: 5 cent brews.



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