French DJ, producer and musician, Romain Vincent, has reignited his passion for electronic dance music with a fiery new EP that has sounds akin to Cosmic Gate, Hardwell, Armin Van Buuren, and Avicii. The 5-track EP is a culmination of his experiences through the years and the evolution of dance music itself. He begins with a cheeky rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’ and samples bagpipes that you normally wouldn’t find in the realm of dance yet makes it work somehow. You find the sounds of big room house, trance, and a bit of electro throughout the latest release from this veteran individual. Guest features include two vocalists Dana Linsay (Amazing Grace), and Nico Larsson (Heart on Fire and Wait 4 U).

Romain Vincent has had more than two decades worth of experience in the music industry. His earlier works ‘Rokka’ and ‘Kalysto’ found their way into the booming pop clubs across Germany, Holland, and France. This would win him the fame and notoriety that lead to a very successful annd classic remix of the hit single ‘Dream on Black Girl’ by INXS. Romain would take a brief stint with Mauro Baffi, who both founded the music group Don’t Act, resulting in the ‘Running’ LP and a handful of live performances.

Stream ‘Licorum’ down below!

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