Travel through the cosmos with AstroVoyager on his new single, ‘Tomorrow Is A Mystery’. The tune gives off the existential vibes of space travel and as you can gather from his name and album art, ‘Tomorrow Is A Mystery’ will send through space time with productions properly executed by AstroVoyager and the talented Jean Paul Flores. Norwegian producer, Glenn Main, joins the space exploration and delivers a sublime rework for your listening pleasures.

AstroVoyager, real name Philippe Fagnoni, hails from France and has a lot thanks to give for his dance music career to the creative, explosive sounds of 80s electro and dance music. This and his inspiration from science fiction have allowed Fagnoni to develop his AstroVoyager moniker and sound design. He often cites his creativity and ability to push the bounds of dance music to pioneers such as Armin Van Buuren, Jeff Mills, and Carl Craig.

Check out ‘Tomorrow Is A Mystery’ down below!

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