Bassnectar has announced that he is planning The Bassnectar Art Exchange that will be a combination of artwork from Tumblr and Etsy for Bassnectar themed art. The Art Exchange will be an interactive gallery rolling through this summer. Many fans use Bassnectar’s logo in their artwork so this will be an opportunity for artists and fans to sell their work for profit to other. Bassnectar declares that anyone who customizes his logo to sell merchandise and make profit is stealing. A homemade painting of his logo hanging in a fan’s room compared to sweatshirts with his logo on for mass production, are quite different. The Bassnectar Art Exchange will be a way for fans to interact with the art and pursue their artistic passions for others to see. Bassnectar, his music, and his fans are art within themselves.

“Let me make the long story short by saying we encourage unlimited creativity, art, passion & inspiration in our community! And we strongly encourage you to share & give and let your art reverberate throughout the universe. But if you make art and then take the Bassnectar Logo and sell your art using the Bassnectar Logo, that’s not ok. That’s not what a true fan does, that’s not what a bass head does, and that’s not what I would do.”


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