The Parisian bass music label, Broderskab, has their third release out and ready to rock a dance floor near you. You may have seen previously the first two releases from Solberum and Madara, who both brought out their big guns for Broderskab’s world takeover. This next release comes from their third member, Beowülf, and its a track entitled ‘Hypnotic’.

‘Hypnotic’ is a fusion track of heavy bass house music with a ghetto trap transition. It booms with a heavy-hitting bassline and four-to-the-floor kick drum that drops with a ferocious, rattling growl and synth. As the song builds up for its second transition, Beowülf switches things elbow raising trap breakdown showing the world what the boys at Broderskab have to offer the music world.

Listen to ‘Hypnotic’ down below!

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