Insomniac continues to innovate and change their strategy up every year, and for 2016 the team has found a way to give an exciting preview to the stages that will be surfacing at their biggest event of the year, EDC Las Vegas. Doing their due diligence to envelop you in the world of the style of music that each stage represents, the promoter’s preview does a bang up job of giving you just enough of a look at the ideas behind each mini-world that they’ve worked diligently to construct.


Our personal favorites include the completely re-imagined KineticField, the BassPod concept that builds upon years of intense visual stimuli to suit the gritty beats that play out of it, and the Neon Garden, who’s silhouette suggests a serious return to the old school. One new stage in particular has not been named but looks to be the most avant-garde looking thing to date- could it be a whole new experience to come for the 20th anniversary?

Find out more on Insomniac’s Website


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