Last weekend was one for the books with San Diego’s infamous party animals, the Desert Heats Crew. What may seem like a rag tag outfit of glittery, fur-clad humans, are actually a group of some of the most genuine, down-to-earth artists you will encounter in the dance music scene. They unknowingly celebrated their 10-year anniversary festival, which was announced just days before the festival gates opened and shows that time can fly when you’re having fun and playing music with your friends that are now considered family. The festival hours ran a whopping 80 straight hours of nonstop techno and house music at the Los Coyotes Native Reservation nestled in the valleys of Warner Springs, CA.

For those who have not had the privilege of attending, the festival layout is simple: one stage for music surrounded by fans, campers, and vendors. The one stage festival designs allowed for the complete dedication to the artists and allow fans to not miss a single moment (although you should get some sleep, because sleep is life and important). It has been and probably will always be this way at Desert Hearts home festival. Thousands of dusty revelers flocked to the DH destination point and tickets sold out weeks in advance that just goes to prove that if you really want to a part of this experience next year, don’t sleep on advance ticket sales.

This year the festival invited Damian Lazarus to play a special 4-hour sunrise set, bringing his unique Crosstown Rebels and Day Zero vibes to the valley of Warner Springs. We were able to catch an epic back-to-back set by Worthy and Option4 as well the unforgettable live performance by Rybo and Gari Sarfari curator, Anabel Englund. Sacha Robotti threw down a tumultuous, underground techno set while fire spinners and dancers performed amongst the crowd. As the DJs reigned, live artists and painters let their creative juices flow onto their canvases with brilliant colors and inspirations.

I just found another sequin…

Photo Credits as they appear:
Eric Allen
Jess Bernstein
Jess Bernstein
Jess Bernstein

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