Desiigner immediately blew up in the Hip-Hop game after his first single ‘Panda’ started receiving millions of plays (180,973,171 plays on Spotify & counting) across the world in early 2016. ‘Panda’ was a song you couldn’t run away from as it was constantly played on all major radio stations across the U.S., nightclubs, and festivals. Every DJ had to drop this track in order to get the crowd to go wild! With the help of Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter, it only helped to launch Desiigner’s rap career to stardom as it earned him a #1 spot on Billboards Top 100, the second youngest to earn that title aside from Lorde. Panda is arguably the biggest single of 2016 whether you like it or not.

Now the dutch master Afrojack has taken it upon himself to drop a trap remix of Desiigner’s ‘Panda’. Is that a Notorious B.I.G. sample we hear in there too? Best believe we’ll hear Afrojack play this banger at EDC Las Vegas in a couple weeks.

Desiigner will also be making his major California festival debut this July at HARD Summer 2016!

Play Desiigner – Panda (Afrojack Remix) below:

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