SoundCloud employee morale is at an all-time low, according to an employee who chooses to remain anonymous. The individual talked to Tech Crunch in their report about the streaming service making a sudden layoff of 40% of its staff, even canceling a job for people who were just hired. Some had already put moving plans in motion to join the SoundCloud team.

After being pressed on the issue, Soundcloud’s PR team revealed that the company will be able to survive until the end of Q4 (which continues for another 50 days), but didn’t reveal if the company would have the financial means to survive following that. Even after cutting costs along with 40% of their staff, finances are still a concern and could lead to the demise of the company as a whole. Upon being asked about the company’s morale, the employee replied: “it’s pretty shitty. Pretty somber. I know people who didn’t get the axe are actually quitting. The people saved from this are jumping ship. The morale is really low.”

TechCrunch notes that a few anonymous SoundCloud employees left the meeting feeling discouraged, feeling the company’s message about family to be a disingenuous one. “I don’t believe that people will stay. The good people at SoundCloud will leave,” the employee explained. “Eric [Wahlforss] said something about the SoundCloud ‘family,’ and there were laughs. You just fired 173 people of the family, how the fuck are you going to talk about family?”

Chance The Rapper tweeted out he’s currently working on this situation for Soundcloud. This will be huge if Chance stept in and saved Soundcloud as thousands of independent artists use SC to share their art to the world, and as independent artists himself who proved you don’t need a record deal to make it, he knows how important Soundcloud is to artists, producers, DJs, etc. We’re rooting for Chano. We’ll keep you updated once we hear more.

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