H+ is an interesting project tackling the sounds of glitchy IDM that incorporates influences from funk and dub. Riding under the obscure pseudonym is Malcolm Brian Swan, a Bermudian music teacher who also produces drum & bass with his wife, Nicola Swan, under the project name 1undread. On his H+ solo project, Swan finds himself honing on some very minimalist approaches that produce a wonky LP that you can listen to down below.

Nicola is found on a handful of tracks on the 10-track LP, and lends her voice that is chopped up to maximize the hypnotic effects of glitch by H+. The overall theme of ‘Hidden Dimensions’ points straight towards H+ dissection and understanding of string theory orchestrated into the album. You found the most amount of glitch inspired elements in ‘Planck Dimension’. The self-titled single clocking in at track #7 is a mesh of dubstep, glitch, and complex drum patterns that leave the mind a little exhausted finding the rhythm of the song.

Expand your mind and check out the album release down below.

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