Tokyo-based electronic music producer, Healing Spells, is back with a brand new EP. ‘Sanctuary’ is a 4-track EP fit for an out-of-body experience. Each track is layered on top of the other and builds into an incredible listening journey. As the cover photo shows, your listening experience will have your mind taking through an imaginative journey through the jungle as you finally reach the final and our favorite track, ‘Sanctuary’. Listeners will find the sounds akin to IDM legends such as Four Tet and Gold Panda.

‘The ominous look of a deer in a holy mountain, ancient chants and instruments from sacred places’

Healing Spells is by no means what you would consider a traditional musician, but then again what is that? He took up guitar during his late teens to put together a last minute band that played folk rock. He’s dream and palette widen when he discovered the versatility of electronic music through sampling, layering, and the endlessness of other possibilities.

‘Sanctuary’ LP is out now!

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