Summer has arrived once again, but then again does it ever not feel like summer in Los Angeles? The creative minds behind Wicked Paradise are setting the bar high for this hot summer season, so you can be sure to expect stand out poolside events and their infamous boat parties. Following a successful opening weekend at their flagship poolside venue, Skybar, where Dirtybird’s J. Phlip and disco guru Purple Disco Machine headlined their own respective events, Wicked Paradise is proud to present a special Fourth of July celebration with the one and only Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. The event will be a day into night party, so be sure to wear your proper swim and summer attire for a very special event.

We were able to catch up with Matt Orlove (Orlove Entertainment) and Tom Astley (L’Affaire Musicale), the main executives behind Wicked Paradise showcases, to give you the latest scoop on the past, present, and future of their events.

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GDE: What are some new developments for Wicked Paradise as you enter a new season of summer events?

Wicked Paradise: We’ve added more production, decor, spent time on the identity and vision of the brand, and curated lineups that we truly believe in.  From our favorite headlining artists, to our favorite local talent – we’re bringing a diversity to every event that we have not executed before.

And…In addition to programming almost weekly on our home turf, Los Angeles – this year has been all about expanding into new markets.  We launched Wicked Paradise in Miami in April, sold out our first NYC boat party in May, and are soon to do the same in Chicago with two boat parties in July.  After our season ends in L.A., our monthly residency at The Delano in Miami Beach begins.

GDE: What have been some of your favorite moments or events that continue you to fuel your drive for Wicked Paradise?

Wicked Paradise: Every event we curate and execute fuels our drive – the DJ’s, the smiles, the dancing, the connection between people, the music, the overall culture, it’s what we love to do.  We have a clear vision where we see the brand, and are dedicated to getting it there and beyond. If we had to single out an event this year, our NYC boat party with Justin Jay’s Fantastic Voyage stands out.  Going into the day, there was severe thunderstorms and rain. We went from thinking we would have to cancel, to moving the full band inside, and, well…. Check it out: Justin Jay NYC

GDE: Do you believe that Wicked Paradise is setting new a standard for events and concerts?

Wicked Paradise: Real dance music doesn’t always have to be enjoyed late night in a dark club – we are committed to building a day-club brand that truly encapsulates good vibes, great music, and stays strong to dance music culture.

The connections made at a Day-Club event are different, more engaging.  You can see peoples faces, smiles, they are more vulnerable – it’s real!

GDE: Wicked Paradise recently collaborated with other local collectives like Space Yacht, is it challenging to curate a collaboration event when two concepts come together?

Wicked Paradise: Not at all, if anything it enhances it.  It’s been a pleasure to work with strong brands like Space Yacht, Afternoon Delight, Dim Mak, Soulection, & Ministry of Sound, to name a few.  When brands like these have as much drive and passion as we do, it’s like being on an NBA All Star Team – We love it.

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