The UAE just pulled off a very interesting move in eliminating 18+ restrictions on a regular rave-style event in Business Bay. Organized by a promoter called Party Monsters, “The Backyard” is to launch on November 11th at the Steigenberger Hotel. The chief aim of the event is to be a holistic event of music, food, and activity that is appropriate for a whole family. One key in that appropriate nature is the reduction of sound levels. The brand was founded by Tim Woodstock who champions DnB throughout the UAE, and Vip Patel who owns Dubai Dad Blog.

“Drawing on our collective experience as new parents and veteran promoters within the nightlife industry in the region, we saw an opportunity to start something different for families much like our own,” said Tim Woodstock of Party Monsters. Woodstock is a founder of Party Monsters, sharing ownership with Vip Patel. Heralded as the “champion” of the drum & bass genre in the UAE, Woodstock is also notable for his status as the founder of Bassworx.

“We’ve paid attention to detail and given a lot of thought to what our audience would like in an afternoon to unwind and listen to good music from back in the day, and better yet, share it with their families,” Woodstock remarked.

The event is going all out when it comes to appropriate activities for all, including a play and chill out zone for infants and toddlers as well as baby changing stations, arts and crafts, and a wandering magician.

Tickets to Party Monsters can be purchased here.

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