The oh-so-coveted EDC boxes are descending upon houses now, and should be in your neck of the woods faster than you can say “Electric Sky.” While you wait, we thought it would be worth it to give you a little sneak peak. The boxes come not only with your ticket, but a commemorative book and several pieces of merchandise. This year, it looks like the box has a very bobbly design on the front to complement its bright, color scheme and zebra-like black and white patterns. Valued headliners will receive an iron-on patch, a keychain, a bracelet, and a cool purple button that has a smiley face along with the symbol. As usual, the goodie box exceeds expectations and already ensures a souvenir before you even hit the grounds…with a 0% chance, you’d lose the swag while dancing on said grounds. Massive win for all involved.

Check out all of the pics, courtesy of several Twitter users, below. And if you’d like to receive your very own unique EDC box, there’s still time to purchase EDC Las Vegas 2018 Tickets but be warned, they’re currently 97% SOLD OUT!


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