William Benjamin Bensussen, who puts out music as the Gaslamp Killer, has been accused of drugging and raping two women in 2013. A widely-circulated Twitter post details the alleged sexual assault: “I’ve been suppressing my rape for 4 years and i’m finally ready to come forward to help myself heal and to prevent it from happening to other women in the future,” it begins. “The Gaslamp Killer drugged my best friend and myself at a party at the Standard Hotel, had non-consexual sex with both of us while we were completely incapacitated, and then dumped up back in front of the standard after it happened. I was only 20 years old at the time.”

The Gaslamp Killer has been associated with Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label. His debut, 2012’s Breakthrough, was released through Brainfeeder and though his most recent album, 2016’s Instrumentalepathy, was self-released through Bensussen’s own Cuss Records, he performed at a Brainfeeder event as recently as fall 2016. Bensussen also opened for Run The Jewels on their tour earlier this year.

Here’s the allegation in full:

Gaslamp Killer has responded denying the allegations. “Chelsea’s version of this story is not true,” it reads in part. “I am thankful that I have been contacted by witnesses and my roommates at the time, in support.” Here’s his statement:

The woman decided to come forward after noticing that she was blocked by The Gaslamp Killer on Twitter:

And evidence has emerged that Gaslamp Killer has attempted to reach out to friends of the accuser in an attempt to have a conversation:

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