We hoped that Fyre Fest would be the only one of its kind for a while, but sadly, another has risen to the challenge of being a well marketed, poorly executed festival. And “poorly executed” is being gracious.

EDM United Events put on a show called “The Gathering;” an alleged four stage music festival in South Carolina that was to feature Leah Culver ant ATLiens among others. Upon getting to the main stage though, all of these artists probably turned tail and ran. The “500,000 watts of sound” as advertised in the admittedly appealing flyer was haphazardly placed in front of a plain…wooden…board. ANOTHER plain wooden board with a “will play tracks for food” message in front of it represented the second stage, with the last two most likely too embarrassing to even display. Whoever exactly spent $130 for these tickets were probably really disappointed. Worse still is that these two flops prove that good marketing can make anything look good.

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