Kaskade Konnect gives us more than just clever alliteration: the Twitter page took the liberty of passing along big news about the iconic Sun Soaked event in Long Beach. Kaskade’s Sun Soaked 2019 Beach Party will in fact be TWO days this year. The California Dance Music legend will be throwing a two-day event this year, on Saturday, July 13th and Sunday, July 14th with “Kaskade and friends” to soundtrack the experience.

Having first debuted Sun Soaked to a mammoth 13,000 sold-out crowd at California’s Long Beach in 2017, Kaskade brought the heat across Long Beach once again last summer 2018 with a full day of banging house music, good vibes, and thousands of fans dancing to the same beat with over 7 hours of Summer beach fun. Nobody was standing still, everyone danced the entire time. It was such a dope visual to see 31,000, yes thirty-one thousand people, all dance to the same groove at last years Sun Soaked 2018 party.

Marking that Saturday and Sunday off your calendar now is one good idea- but don’t forget to keep the entire week prior in mind as well. LA’s “Sun Soaked Week” last year was chock full of Kaskade-tastic events, including a pop-up shop and three Redux shows, including an After-After party to his Sun Soaked event at Avalon Hollywood that went a little after 7AM. With the potential for something like that or better, it’s a good time to be a Kaskade fan in California. Keep an eye out for official announcements from Kaskade himself within the coming weeks.


Want to win TWO tickets to Sun Soaked 2019? Comment below with your favorite Kaskade tracks of ALL time


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  1. Candace Garcia

    Favorite Kaskade Songs of ALL TIME!
    always takes me back to EDC 2009 at the collisium!
    2. Disarm You-KASKADE
    Forever singing my heart out to this song 💕
    A reminder to my life 🖤

  2. Dalia Cobos

    My favorite songs from kaskade re
    1. Feeling the night ❤️
    2. Raining 😭
    3. Disarm you
    4. Dynasty

  3. Vince

    Disarm you , because it’s more than just beats to the song . It’s the feeling you get every time you hear it .

  4. Alisha B.

    My favorites are Eyes, Disarm You, Fire in Your New Shoes and Say It’s Over!

  5. tash nguyen

    !!! it’s all about the classics !!!

    1. Angel on my shoulder
    2. Turn It Down
    3. 4AM
    4. Eyes
    5. Fire In Your New Shoes

  6. Denia H

    1. Last Chance
    2. Say its Over
    3. Dont stop Dancing
    4. Only You
    5. Why Ask Why
    6. Something Something
    7. Turn it Down
    8. Eyes
    9. Tight
    10. Atmosphere
    11. All the others I love that I didn’t name just because I love him so much and might hand got tired!

  7. Denia Hernandez

    1. Last chance
    2. Say its over
    3. Eyes
    4. I Love
    5. Why ask why
    ^_^ Llove him so much I could cry ♡

  8. Brandon

    Favorite track?

    Hands down – Eyes
    Runner Up – Atmosphere
    Close 3rd – Empty Streets (ya still Kaskade)

  9. Paola E.

    Favorite Kaskade songs:
    1. 4am
    2. Feeling the Night
    3. Fire in your New Shoes
    4. Last Chance

  10. Martika

    Favorite Kaskade tracks! 🥰💜
    1. Eyes 👀
    2. All of Automatic album got me through a big tragedy. 💔
    3. Beneath with me!! Omggg 🤤🤤
    4. Fun & on your mind are new and amazing!!! I love Kaskade!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

  11. Jack Rose

    I remember with Deadmau5. That was probably the first Kaskade song I ever heard and it opened my door to his HOUSE

  12. Jessica Kang

    “Angel on my shoulder” was the song that I didn’t know the artist to at the time but when I realized it was kaskade I fell in love with him. I’ll still remember the day I realized how amazing he is and how he changed my life. ♥️


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