Downtown Las Vegas was a potential target for the gunman who opened fire on Route 91 Harvest Music festival, so no preparation is too much for security at this year’s Life is Beautiful. Local authorities and businesses are already talking about what they plan to do to prevent another tragedy from happening this fall when hundreds of thousands of people are scheduled to attend.

“This is a tough town if you’re a crook, this is a tough town to do something. If you are a terrorist this is a tough town to do something,” said terrorism expert Hal Kempfer. “If you are a terrorist, you might pick a different city, because this city is a hardened target.”

The Ogden Hotel, where Steven Paddock rented a room the night of the attack, is currently “working closely with Life is Beautiful organizers, along with the LVMPD and festival security on all safety measures,” according to the hotel’s spokesperson.

The Las Vegas Metro Police department is also stepping up their protection at the show, with officers who will be monitoring activity from several positions. The city itself is already a targeted city for terror, so those trained to defend crowds from trouble will not need too drastic an improvement in their skills. We’d say buying a ticket to Life Is Beautiful is still a safe decision.

“Drones have become ubiquitous, they are all over the place. Frankly, we are very concerned. We are not going to wait for an attack by drones before we have something to stop drones in place,” Kempfer said. “If you look out there, counter drone techniques are already being implemented all over the place. So if somebody does use a drone as a means of attack it may get thwarted before the first attack, so that is one of those areas where we are moving way ahead.”


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