Wanna rave at 6AM? What if we told you Manila Killa’s playing and all you have to do is buy a sandwich at McDonald’s? That’s right: if you want to cruise down to DTLA this Thursday, look no further than this official event by the Fast Food Giant: Rise N’ Rave. Taking place at the Globe theater, all you need to do in the next three days is buy one of the new McDonalds Breakfast Triple Stack sandwiches and keep the receipt. That very sheet of paper gains new value as a ticket to see Manilla Killa serenade you with enough music to prime you for a long day at work on Thursday. You could say that this is the most appropriate producer for the job, as his latest single is entitled “Wake Up Call.”
Check out the event below and grab tickets at…literally any Mickey D’s in your immediate area.

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  1. Op

    Manila Wafer Wot?
    Do you have to not have natural public hair to enter this event? DJ it? I haz a confuse. Is money this worthless now?


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