Hurricane Irma brought a load of destruction in its wake over the last week, including the potential to hit Markus Schulz’s Coldharbour Studios. To escape the hurricane, Schulz spent his time in Bruno’s Aires. While the place itself was not ransacked, it did fall victim to looters who took a significant amount of equipment. While that can all be replaced, one keepsake that was essentially irreplaceable was Schulz’s DJ Times’ ‘America’s Best DJ’ award. This award marked a major milestone in his career and acted as a symbol of all of our appreciation for the DJ. Read his full statement below and send out positive vibes his way.

Whilst spending the past couple of days in Buenos Aires praying and wishing for the safety of family and friends in Miami and beyond, where lives are most important than any material things and my heart is with my friends and family in Miami, I definitely wasn’t expecting to receive sad news of this nature. While we were all praying for safety of my beloved community, others used this as an opportunity.

This morning I found out that the Coldharbour studios had been broken into and looted while attention was on Hurricane Irma; stealing equipment, and sadly for me, the Pioneer gold mixer I received for winning DJ Times’ America’s Best DJ a few years ago.

The equipment can of course be replaced, but something which was cherished with prestige, pride and sentimental value cannot.

Knowing that returning home and no longer being able to look at something as special as this residing in the studio makes me incredibly sad.

I cannot understand that in a time where lives are at risk, being lost and housing being destroyed, that there are people out there with this kind of mindset.

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