Norwegian musician and producer, Metaspion, is breaking out his music project through the fusion of Scandinavian folk music with electronic music. Hailing from Horten, Norway, Metaspion is digging through his Norwegian/Scandinavian influences to churn out what is called ‘Folktronika Schmolkfonika’. Its a 11-track LP that uses live vocals and samples of gospel-like Scandinavian folk music with beats, cuts, and drops. Its a delivery to the music industry that we’re unsure would work at first, but comes to find its merits within the beats.

It’s a unique album that you’ll be able to preview first with the single, ‘Old Rules Don’t Apply’, which seems to be a theme reason for this album. Violin and airhorn samples that whine and chime throughout the track, as electronic kick drums and percussion give a gyrating groove. You find influences of acid house in singles like ‘Render Me Happy’ that’ an energetic track that you could easily stick as Pokemon background music or an insane Dance Dance Revolution song.

Metaspion plays all the instruments heard in the upcoming album, and even does a bit of the singing as well.

Check out the first single, Old Rules Don’t Apply down below!

Pre-order Metaspion ‘Folktronika Schmolkfonika’ album HERE.

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