Jon Dray Lee is ending his decade hiatus from music with his solo EDM project, Monsters and Miracles. Lee’s love for 1970s and 80s horror and exploitation films would sow the roots for what what would be the Monsters and Miracles project. The name and concept for the current music project is a play on the strange new world Lee has come to see since his early beginnings in music, a long decade hiatus to pursue family medicine, medical school and a residency; now in his final years of intense training, Jon has brought his one man project out of the woodworks with a debut single and remix.

‘The Silk Road’ is not your ordinary EDM track, although inspired by electronic dance music elements, the track fits more in the realm of electronic pop and features the vocalist, MRS. From what you can hear, Monsters and Miracles draws from current commercial dance music icons such as the Chainsmokers and Morgan Page. Full of energy and delivers an almost ominous tone, especially with MRS waning vocals, Monsters and Miracles delivers an epic start to a promising project. A special bonus remix has come from Austin Leeds, who delivers trip hop-heavy re-do to the track that sounds similar to something produced by the likes of Flume.

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