Mr. Movienaut makes his global debut with his new single, ‘Never Let Go Jack’. As the artwork would suggest, the title of the song is a play on the classic romantic movie, Titanic, but with a Mr. Movienaut twist. He offers listeners a raw cut of his ferocious bassline, synthesizers, and unique production. Similar to sounds of Skrillex, Milo & Otis, and OWSLA-based sounds, Mr. Movienaut is the latest breakthrough artist to arise from California’s vibrant dance music scene.

This local artist locks in every night with a portable DJ setup on Hollywood Blvd and offers passers, tourists, and locals a chance to catch a meaty set by Mr. Movienaut. Raw energy of electro and future house are very common sounds that you can expect to her from this emerging artist.

Listen to ‘Never Let Go Jack’ down below!

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