Ambient and experiment producer, Omiqron6 is making his breakthrough with a new album entitled ‘A New Kind Of Lightning’. Faced with a fire-breathing dragon lavished with psychedelic cool, temperament colors, the artist, who hails from Mexico City, offers willing listeners with obscure scoundscapes and deep basslines. Omqrong6 advises that anyone who listens to ‘A New Kind of Lightning’ do so with a proper set of headphones or sound-system to truly capture the deeper meaning found through his music.

“In times when the collective human spirit is sunk in conflict, violence and suffering… I love to help elevate it. My songs are short stories made in sound about the triumph of the human soul. The triumph over the claws and jaws of human suffering. Please let these sounds take you into a journey. It is my hope when you hear these sounds they become colored by your beautiful mind and soul into a place of triumph in the realms of inner peace and freedom. Thank you for listening.” – Omiqron6
‘Om is On’ opens the airwaves with jungle-inspired rhythms and bass that is sure to perk the tiny hair follicles on your back and your mind, body and soul readies itself for whats to come. A steady, spiritual bass and kick guides your listening mind throughout the entire track as chirps and whistles to what can only be the psychedelic influences of the Mayan on this opening track. ‘Time Astray’ comes in as track number 3 and throws listeners into a timeless audio box, left to their own devices. Despondent tones and elements at a hip-hop inspired break leaves listeners feeling as though they were passing seamlessly through time itself. ‘Tau Tonic’ clocks in as our favorite track out of the album as it roars listeners awake with a bellowing, ferocious baseline to wake up the senses. Digging deep from jungle influences, the track is on of the more rambunctious tune to come out of Omiqron6’s debt.
Omiqron6’s debut album is out now and you can listen to it down below!
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