When Rotella announced they’ll be moving EDC Vegas to May 2018 and will offer a fully immersive camping program conveniently situated right next to the Speedway, ravers went crazy with questions and concerns. Like us, we were all wondering where exactly they’re going to have the campsite? What are they going to do about AC? How much will the camping spots be? And how many days are we allowed to camp? It was the topic of the month.


The only thing we know so far is that the new camping areas will eliminate vehicle traffic for campers, offering an easy commute and convenient ins and outs of the festival each day. At the center of the campgrounds, fans can enjoy plenty of shade, seating, water, food and beverage vendors, a general store, activities and more. A neighboring area will allow for the creation of Sound Camps where Headliners can build out their own themed environments.

While the good news about traffic finally being resolved has us all happy, this doesn’t answer all our questions for EDC Vegas 2018 Camping, but luckily Pasquale Rotella and the Insomniac team went to Instagram to announce they’re finally going to reveal full details for EDC Camping tomorrow, November 8th.

What’s Poppin’😂⛺️?! We’ve been testing our tents on our rooftop patio at Insomniac HQ for the past two months. AC worked great inside and stayed cool through the last 104 degree SoCal heatwave…I even held a couple production meetings inside! 😎⛺️👌🏼

FULL #CampEDC details tomorrow. Stay tuned!

During Escape 2017 at the NOS Events Center, Insomniac had props of how the tents with AC are going to look like. Fans were allowed to go inside to get a feel for them. Luckily we snatched a couple photos of the tents.

See them below!


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