Brooklyn DJ/Producer, Husks, will make his long awaited debut with a 5-track EP entitled ‘Design Me’ that is due to be released on June 22.  Husks has been musician since the young age of 15, working with local bands as well as writing his own music. His style could be described as trip hop, however, you can definitely leave yourself at a loss of words trying to describe the depths and soundscapes heard in the two singles that he has released publicly ahead of the EP’s release. The self titled opening track brings about the real moods of Husks: dark, deep, and dangerous. It’s an EP and single to be heard at night and the instrumental could possibly find itself in a movie score. ‘Corrode’ is the second single to be released ahead of the EP’s release date, that offers listeners an even darker path with its haunting chants of ‘Hey, let’s corrde’, as angelic synthesizers are shouted over by a darker bassline.

Before finally releasing music as Husks, the Brooklyn producer has been on the path towards this release through his various music projects that has been quite the tumultuous journey as he notes down below:

“After the breakup of my band, Youth Culture, and the ending of a turbulent relationship, I decided to take a break from music. I couldn’t even pick up an instrument for months. I went down a really deep hole of binge-watching horror movies on Netflix and feeling sorry for myself. What brought me out of it was listening to the scores from those films.

I realized that they affected me so much because those tones and atmospheres really hit to the core of what I was feeling in a visceral, physical way. I was scared, lonely, sad – and all of these sounds made me feel less so. So I began to seek out music that incorporated the “horror” aspect of music. I couldn’t find much that was in keeping with the modern, electronic/ambient sounds so I began making it for myself.

Eventually, this EP grew from that. It is the sound of me working through all of that loneliness and giving it a place to live. Hopefully, it gives other people going through the same emotions a place to channel that, and helps them get through their day and feel less alone.” – Husks

Husks’ ‘Design Me’ EP will be released worldwide on June 22, 2018.

Preview ‘Design Me’ and ‘Corrode’ down below now!

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