A couple of unreleased Rezz collaborations found their way to the internet recently; one with 13 that premiered at Wobbleland, and another with 1788-L that premiered during her set at Ultra. The thought that these would be part of a new album wasn’t the first to cross our minds since it hasn’t even been a year since Mass Manipulation’s release. As usual though, the space-traveling producer hit us with a pleasant surprise via Facebook:

Indeed, after only a short 9 months, Rezz produced and tied the bow on a whole new album, which these collaborations may be a part of. Considering festival goers had a little sneak ppeekof a couple tracks, it’s not far off to say we should see some previews on the internet soon— those headed to EDC on Sunday should definitely line up front and center to the Circuit Grounds for her set. Considering it’s one of the biggest shows in the world it’s likely she has some treats saved up to premiere there.

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