Since 2017 the collaborative forces of Solaya Love have been tackling this new self-titled project. Singer and songwriter, Solaya Love, and producer, John Atonic, are here to bring you the delightful sounds of EDM and pop akin to the likes of Ellie Goulding, AlunaGeorge, Banks, and others alike. Their sound is set to bring a new standard to the world dance music and pop. Solaya Love’s heavenly voice and John Atonic’s impeccable skills and experience as a music producer delivers one unique sound to the saturated market.

Their upcoming album drops on Thursday, November 29th, 2018 and is titled ‘Illustrious’. To keep you new fans at the gate, Solaya Love, has released their first album single, ‘Let It Go’, a soothing new tune for the ear with a fresh new sound and voice. Solaya’s voice transcends you through the airwaves as John Atonic’s beautiful production gets you in the mood to swing your hips. The upcoming album features 10 original tracks and one live rendition of track number 3, ‘Never Awaken’. The live dance mix of ‘Never Awaken’ takes you into an electronic world where influences of dubstep and heavy basslines overload the sound waves only to be tamed by the voice of Solaya.

Solaya Love took her love for music, art, and the carefree lifestyle by the reigns at a very young age. Developing a comfortable stage presence by the age of 12, her road towards music had well been paved.

“Since I was a child, in my sleep, I would have dreams of hearing music. The next step was knowing music theory to write it all down when I woke up.” – Solaya Love

After crossing paths with John Atonic, her vision for her own project began to take form and together they have a sound, project, and album set to take the global airwaves by storm! Over the course of a year, Solaya Love has played at some of Canada’s most prestigious music festivals.

Check out her single down below!

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