Summer never ends in Southern California and this was just proven true on Wicked Paradise and Afternoon Delight’s last installment of their Wicked Delight Boat Parties on Saturday, October 15th. We couldn’t think of a better way to keep the summer lasting than setting sail on a boat with Viceroy, whose motto, “summertime all the time,” was perfectly executed on a boat party full of music and shenanigans. He knew how to throw down a boat party, almost as if he was born to.

A passionate curator for all things summer, Pineapples, bright Chubbies shorts, and an everlasting jams, Viceroy touches the heart and soul of sunny house music days. Viceroy and friends joined fans on the last installment of Wicked Delight’s Boat Party including, TRAVISWILD, Matt Dimona, N2N, Matt Black, Sam Hiller, and AROD, who sailed into a night of fantastic music and full moon madness.

As the sun set across the Long Beach Harbor, reflecting off the Queen Mary, the gloominess didn’t stop the crowd from having a groovy time. As the night set in, the full moon carried across the dark sky, peaking behind the clouds here and there, but always in sight on the dance floor. The lights were bright but the moon was brighter, just as loud as the beats spinning from the Viceroy’s set and Soundbox’s speakers!

Even into the night, the party still went on strong, remix after remix, and throwback after oldie. No matter where you were on the boat, the main deck, the top deck, or even inside, there was no stopping the music, the summer, and the good vibes.

viceroyWe got the chance to talk to Viceroy about his summertime lifestyle and dig deeper into his DJ and producer career.

What is your favorite era of music to remix?
The 90s for sure. That’s my childhood!

What would you say sets you apart from other DJs and producers?
I’m not the only one to do this, but I haven’t based my career around what genre was the hottest at the moment. I just do me and it seems to have been working just great.

What is it about summertime that you love?
Everyone is in a great mood, being outdoors all the time, day parties, etc. I mean this list just goes on.

If you had to pick a degree of weather all the time what would it be?

What made you realize you wanted produce and DJ?
I just enjoyed making music in my spare time in college and it continuously made me happy.

What was your favorite part about the Boat Party?
The fans who came. Everyone was in full boat party mode and that created an awesome energy.

What is your dream venue to play?
The Galapagos

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Producing pop music for other people. Less traveling/touring for sure.

Favorite mixed drink?

All photos by Known Media Find the full photo album HERE!

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