Here’s a fresh summer tune from the jazz-inspired, electronic music producer Synthonic. Properly titled ‘Sunshine’, the track provides all the audio waves and rays to keep you that summer mindset as we enter the last few weeks of the season. The audio transcends the scope of just a simple listening experience and really captures bright, vibrant moods and themes. It’s raw, it’s funky, it’s everything you need following his previous, ‘Head Banging’.

“My USP would be the fact that I write, record & produce everything by myself…I have also designed my own website, edited my own videos etc…because after playing jazz in London for 10 years, often to small audiences and for very little money, it was time for a change! With this project, I don’t have to rely on anyone else.”  – Synthonic

Synthonic is the brainchild of Kieron Garrett. Based in London, Kieron’s music career draws heavily from his love for jazz and funk, which is clearly seen in this latest release. He’s toured across the UK, playing at some of the most famous jazz clubs on the island. Since then, Kieron has embarked on a new downtempo and electro funk project, Synthonic, since the start of the year. Expect to hear more from Synthonic as time goes on.

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