The indie dance music band, 12xPretty, is coming up to an exciting time. Their self-titled LP debut is due next year, February 20, and is a jam-packed 12-track album. With just 2 months until their album release, 12xPretty released their single, ‘Somewhere Else’, that targets the thought of self-love when self-identity can be cloudy. It’s upbeat and vibrant with positive energy that channels through a cloud of uncertainty.

“I was working on the vocals for this song and stumbled across a effect that made my voice unrecognizable and yet it felt more like ME than my natural voice did. This experience gave birth to the opening line “I don’t know what I sound like.” – Remy Remy of 12XPretty

12xPretty is comprised of lead vocalist Remy Remy and the multi-instrumentalist, Danny Import. The project spans across genres and has been an experiment since its inception. Originally intended to be a hip-hop project, the roots grew and blossom to incorporate and eventually take on a more electro, dance music, and indie approach that Remy says is intended for ‘sleepwalkers yearning to wake up’.

Check out ‘Somewhere Else’ down below!

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