The underground nightlife is embedded in dance music history. However, during this coronavirus epidemic where the world has been turned upside down is it still right to participate?

Over the weekend of April 4 – 6th more than 150 people were caught via video surveillance entering and exiting in what police find out is an illegal nightclub. The stay at home sanctioned city has been pushing major efforts in regards to slowing down the spread of the virus by implementing stricter and stricter regulations. The city of San Francisco is not taking actions like this lightly. Evidence of attendees not taking any precautions walking in or out of the venue. Gatherings of 20-30 cars were documented as well. When the police raided the underground establishment they confiscated DJ equipment, club furniture and fixtures, large amounts of beer and liquor, gambling machines and about $670 in cash and more.

The more people do their part to slow down the curve the quicker we can get back to normal life. Is it important to keep the underground spirit alive? Yes. Is it worth putting others and yourself in jeopardy and adding to the timeline of this madness while adding more negative stigma to underground clubs? So stay home.


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