It’s June, for many it’s the beginning of summer and the end of another school year and another graduating class with a bright future ahead. Unfortunately, 18-year-old high school senior, Megan Stilton reportedly overdosed at the Free Press Summer Music Festival in Woodland, Texas due to a bad batch of pills.

When Megan’s mother arrived at the hospital the doctor explained that “at the festival, Megan was given a form of tainted ecstasy and it stopped her heart. They were unable to revive her. They worked on her for a very long period of time but they weren’t able to save her.”

Sadly Tilton said she had just talked to her daughter about the danger of drugs about two months ago.

“We talked about this. She said, ‘Mom I know all about this, I would never take anything like this,'” Tilton said. “She was a very aware individual. She knew where she was going. She was smart, she was headstrong and she had a plan. She was supposed to start college, she was doing summer classes the next day and this was kind of the last thing before things got crazy.”

Free Pass Summer Music Festival released this statement after the tragedy:

“It has come to light that over the past weekend an 18-year-old girl, Megan Tilton from The Woodlands High School, passed away after she left FPSF by medical transport. We don’t speak for the festival, only for Free Press Houston, although it’s easy to recognize that this is an utter tragedy, one which causes us profound sadness. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends, first and foremost. We have always seen our young attendees as the core of why we got into live events, publishing, and more, so to see the loss of a precious life makes us take pause and remind ourselves that our obligation to our community is paramount. We encourage everyone to join us in contributing to the GoFundMe for Megan Tilton to help her family with the funeral and aftercare.”

Please, everyone, be careful out there and take a moment to realize how precious life is, just as Megan’s mother urges for everyone to educate themselves on the real dangers of drug use. They’ve started a GoFundMe page on Tilton’s passing and recognizing the dangers of drug use.

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