Austin-based electronic music producer, 1st Base Runner, returns to our airwaves, this time with his sophomore ep, Ellis. Unlike his debut EP, ‘Sever Years of Silence‘, ‘Ellis’ reveals a more personal indie flavor filled with atmospheric vibes and a cadence that just makes you want to dance. It’s a collaborative EP with his longtime friend Bryan Ellis. Together the two create various sound designs and tunes that bring about a carefree sense with vocals that bring about sounds similar to Depeche Mode and Radiohead.

Collaborating once again with former Radiohead Creative Director, Dilly Gent, the two plan to procure music videos for ‘Near Me’ and ‘Man Overboard’ from the EP. ‘Near Me’ is one of our personal favorites and opens up ‘Ellis’ with a thoughtful drum pattern and complimenting guitar riffs. It brings about a certain calmness and nostalgic feeling to the point where you can feel the years of friendship and thoughtful creativeness between Ellis and 1st Base Runner.

Check out ‘Ellis’ down below!

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