Dutch born, London based artist Nathassia lets her creativity speak directly through her music – combining an array of musical influences into her own unique style. Following a recent string of successful releases, including ‘Turning Headz’, ‘Goddess’, ‘Is Everybody Searching’ & ‘Bang The Drums’. We caught up with Nathassia to find out a little more about her current projects:

Thanks for joining us at Global Dance Electronic, Nathassia. How are things right now?

All good but just a bit crazy busy!

With ‘Is Everybody Searching’, what most inspired the vibe of this track?

North African sounds, following a trip to Morocco and the feeling of driving through the desert on the way to a music festival.

One of your breakout singles ‘Turning Headz’ was released in 2015, what was the feeling like at the time & subsequently – the single hitting 150k streams on Spotify?

At the time it was a hell of an adventure filming the video in Germany, I had to be rushed of to hospital in the middle of filming cause whilst dancing barefoot in the woods I trod on a (upright) vertical stick, that went inches deep straight into my foot! Later on to celebrate I had a couple of hard core nights on the town!

What was it like to perform at the Valley of the Kings, Egypt?

So overwhelming!!! It was the first time in history that live music was allowed at the Valley of the Kings, and to perform in front of one of the wonders of the world was breath taking and incredible. And I also got to meet the princess of Egypt!

You’re currently on episode 4 of Nathassia TV, how’s that going for you right now?

It’s been a lovely surprise to get so many positive reactions from my fans, I didn’t expect that it would allow me to connect so much more with them and it’s a right laugh to shoot with the crew!

With 2019 almost over, do you have any performances planned to bring in 2020 – or will it be more of a low-key affair with family/friends?

I’m actually at Disneyland Paris for New Year’s eve, to do some filming then to party late with Afrojack!

If you could tour anywhere in the world, where would it be & why?

United States, as I have always fancied driving route 66.

Any finally, what can we expect from you next – release wise?

My first crossover single is out in March, then a new album and plenty of touring in the second half of 2020.

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