“You can either dream big, or have the courage, determination and tenacity to make them real,” 32Stitches biography starts and after a quick listen through his discography, you can easily tell that he’s chosen the DJ booth and production studio as his ‘dream’. Like some of the lucky, young big names you see playing the main stages of Tomorrowland, EDC Las Vegas, ADE and festivals alike, 32Stitches humble beginnings are rather similar. He’s spent a rather short amount of time in the electronic dance music industry relative to older legends, who’ve spent years in the making, and quickly rose from local promoter to incredible producer. As you will hear in his latest track, ‘Keeper of the Realm’, 32Stitches is right where he should be after just being in the scene for 3 quick years.

‘Keeper Of The Realm’ starts off with some emotional chords and string instruments that create a most sensational buildup. As seen on the single’s cover art, the introduction plays an almost heavenly sound that camouflages the real madness unleashed when the kick, snares, and basslines roll in. From 0 to 60, the true energy of the realm in released and 32Stitches pounds the experience with roaring basslines and thumping kickdrums.

‘Keeper Of The Realm’ is now available on all digital platforms!

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