Atlanta-based fitness trio, 3D The Boss, just dropped their debut album ‘Push It’. It’s poppy, theatrical, and an all out rage with a unique style and sound. The group gives of vibes similar to that of Ariana Grande, Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, and Janet Jackson. Their sound combines elements of funk and early R&B with contemporary pop and electronic music. Entertaining and they sound great.

Their recently released music video for the album’s single ‘Push It’ is akin to those 1970s workout videos with modern flares and a contemporary twist.

While most pop and mainstream acts have a hard time getting their crowds and listeners moving, you almost can’t help the urge to move around and dance when 3D The Boss comes on. As their open track title would suggest, ‘Go’ wastes no time to get your body moving and grooving to the energetic rhythm and vibes the group gives off. Beyond the message of being active and fit, the group’s single ‘Do My Dance’ also promotes a message of self-confidence and love.

3D The Boss is composed of Saint Day, C Lei Boss Lady, and Lady Bass. Unique and original, the group stands as the flagship artist, spokesperson, and role-model of The YourDay Balance Game, their brand that promotes a healthy lifestyle, balance, and fitness. Little words will do the group’s energy and sound justice, they’re something you’ll want to listen to while working on and definitely an act you’ll want to see live!

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