Tony McGuinness was a bit hazy on when he would mix the first ever Trance Around the World Episode. Considering his band and Label are their own body of busy bees in addition to the wave of DJ streams out there right now, it was in everyone’s best interest to choose a non-conflicting timeslot. The answer is officially here folks, and it’s sooner than you think. Tomorrow at 10AM PST, McGuinness plans to go live on his Twitch and mix the fabled, lost episode of the radio show to give us a slice of history. He took to twitter to showcase the news.

Trance Around the World Episode one was an hour of Classic Trance from A&B and a one-hour guest mix from Mirco Di Govia. Whether he mixes the whole two-hour chunk or just that first selection of tracks remains to be seen.  One thing’s for sure; his rendition of the famous watermark for the show will be a great thing to hear again.

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