The young prolific electronic music producer, Acidic Base, known usually for his productions in progressive house dives right into the energetic genre of drum n’ bass in his latest single, ‘Tachyon’. A quick listen through his catalog and you’ll find that he’s applied many of his progressive house elements into ‘Tachyon’, which give the track an uplifting sense and appreciation of life. The second half of ‘Tachyon’ breaks down into some heavier dubstep/drumstep vibes and quickly picks back up into grimy drum n’ bass.

Acidic Base started his journey in music at the young age of 6. He took piano lessons at a local music shop in Chicago and his interest in electronic music followed years later. He feels that most of his music is influenced by the likes of deadmau5 and Eric Prydz. In short, Acidic Base reminds us of Mat Zo. Harmoniously complex and melodic.

Check out ‘Tachyon’ down below!

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