Finishing off her massive 3-track EP, Adassiya is proud to present ‘La Vida’. A departure from her first two tracks, this final cut, which also shares the same title as the EP, is a vivacious future house tune. Heavy basslines and an insane kick drum, its the perfect song to close out this stand out EP. You’ll find Adassiya’s vocals spread out through the track, which are really just elongated or distorted sound bits that really add some flare to an amazing track.

This breakthrough EP is the culimination of Adassiya’s work throughout her life. She was originally production hip hop before her world travels and multiple projects eventually gravitated her to dance music. She has trotted all over the globe to the world’s mecca music cities that include Tokyo, Ibiza, Berlin, Paris, Cannes and Istanbul just to name a few. You’ll really love the energy in the this track!

Listen to ‘La Vida’ down below!

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