Afrojack marched into the big EDM spotlight when the term was everyone’s go-to phrase, so it’s only fair for many to give his music that genre tack to this day. However, recent news seems to suggest that a new project of his is going to be worlds different. Techno Moves has confirmed via multiple sources around the Dutch producer that this new Musical venture will begin this year.

“I’m not EDM.” “I’ve been producing a lot, outside of the EDM genre — I’ve been doing a lot of techno stuff with some friends.”

In various interviews, Afrojack has graced the subject of going in this direction; in an interview with DJ Mag he was asked about his future interest in making EDM. He responded: If by EDM you mean dance music then yes, for sure,” suggesting that he doesn’t want to confine his interests to one specific sound. Whatever we’re about to see come out of his studio, we’ll be interested to see what other influences and styles he’s ready to share.

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