From the sound of the report on Inquisitr, there was some very constant trouble in paradise. Afrojack is being sued by his ex-girlfriend, Lauren Meditz, for $25 million for reported suicide threats and aggressively controlling behavior. The music star was served legal papers that are claiming he should have to pay for the way he treated his former girlfriend throughout their relationship.

Meditz reports that she sustained an insane amount of pressure to always stay with him in the relationship, even quitting her job due to pressure from him. When they finally broke up, Meditz claims that he “failed to perform his part of the agreement by refusing to divorce his real and personal property assets for Meditz’s benefit or render Meditz financially secure.” At the end of the day, she wants the money, the dog that the had together, and their 2015 Range rover all legally in her possession.

Afrojack’s former girlfriend claimed that they entered a verbal agreement that he would support her financially if she devoted her time and attention to his personal business.

“The parties future agreed that in the event of the dissolution of their relationship by death, separation or otherwise, that all of Van de Wall’s property including that acquired during the time of the parties’ relationship, would be divided for the benefit of Meditz.”

“Van de Wall always expressed to Meditz that they were in fact equal partners.”

More is sure to come; for now read the full details on Inquisitr.

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