Ahead of the release of his second album, The Place, Aman Jagwani presents the album’s second single, ‘Now’. A progressive sound blended out of modern jazz, synth pop and electronica to create something truly unique, contemporary and smooth. Similar to the sounds of Thundercat and Kamasi Washington, ‘Now’ is a 7-minute long play with many layers, transitions, and an all out audio journey into the deep concept of time as a social construct.

“This song is about time and how it isn’t always one dimensional. The song personifies an ideal version of ‘now’ and it urges the listener to reach out and look for that version of their present. It conveys that if things are not going well at a particular time, if one reaches out in whatever way they may choose, they will find their version of now or their version of reality that they want to be in. In this song, I have placed several same melodies with different harmony one after the other to indicate the feeling of there being an alternate version of that musical section or an alternate version of ‘now’. I have also added some metric modulations that stretch and compress the tempo to once again give the same feeling.”

Collaborators on ‘Now’ include Anubha Kaul and Ron Cha on the vocals, Pritesh Walia on the guitar, Dishaan Gidwani (mix engineer), and Ayan De (mastering engineer). The drums, synthesizer, and lyrics were played and composed by Aman Jagwani himself. ‘Now’ offers listeners a sneak peak to his forthcoming album release and showcases its complexities while still being accessible and a smooth listen for all.

Check out ‘Now’ down below!

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