Hailing from Southern France is none other than the club rockers and festival shakers, Amine Edge & Dance. The two superstar DJs showcase a heavy hand of 80s-inspired, ghetto-funk grooves and basslines in their sets and productions. Beyond the decks, Amine Edge & Dance are great producers of all things house and have even spearheaded their own label, CUFF.

Adding to their imprint’s collection, which includes releases by Bruno Furlan, Sammy W, Reckless Dogz, Vanilla Ace, and more; Amine Edge & Dance procured two different variations of the same titled song, Bad Influence. Dubbed the Yang version, the duo presents a melancholy melody that is definitely one for the late-night rollers, filled with an emphatic bassline. The Yin version hits us harder with a jagged, aggressive bassline.

Amine Edge & Dance’s Bad Influence EP featuring SerGy will be released March 10, 2017 on CUFF.

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