Kaskade claps back at scalpers, encourages fan account to “go rogue”

Kaskade’s Redux tour has filled venues the size of the Palladium with ease, so when he announced a tour full of small venues, fans were more afraid than excited. Of course, tickets sold out in record time in every single city, and fans were upset at the possibility of scalpers taking a majority of those tickets.

The simple name “Kaskade” is enough to encourage mass buys of these limited supplies, and fans asked the man himself what would be done about it. While it was out of the artist’s hands, he encouraged the @kaskadekonnect twitter account to “go rouge,” as he heard they were doing. In addition to this, Kaskade did all he could to encourage people NOT to buy fake tickets…of course, he can only do so much. If you’re buying from a third party, PLEASE verify they were purchased from kaskademusic.com.

We all know that feeling: a DJ finishes playing their own single, and then immediately plays a popular old school hip hop song that you know is going to turn into a popular trap/dubstep/big room/Psy Trance hit…like clockwork, several DJs on the festival circuit feel that doing this will get the crowd more hyped up. Sometimes they’re absolutely right, but more often than not a frequent festival go-we may want something different.


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