Antman Ant is the moniker for British artist and producer, Ant Goold. Hailing from Sussex, Antman Ant has produced a 13-track album, Resonate, that is best listened from start to finish. An ambient, deep house journey, Resonate showcases Antman Ant’s talents in the studio with his spectacular productions that boasts incredible sound design, ethereal melodies and kicking basslines. If an album were to be described as balanced, it would be this record from start to finish. Fresh, soothing and just a great listen, Resonate is album that needs to be rinsed and repeated this year.

Resonate is an album that’s meant to be listened to from beginning to end. I love vinyl for this reason and would like to release something on that format one day. No skipping pausing or rewinding, just enjoy it. While testing Resonate out, it’s proved to be a great driving album. The album starts with a super chilled beatless intro and builds throughout into some lovely Deep House and full on festival bangers with some gentle tracks thrown in for good measure. Every track means something to me. My music has been described in the past as visual. When you listen, it’s easy to picture a scene to go along with the sound track.

Antman Ant has been exploring and producing dance since the 90s. From heady techno to progressive house, Antman Ant has taken this freeform, expressive music to new heights with his dynamic and signature sound. Since the Covid lockdown spawned in 2020, Antman Ant took his time to curate and experiment that eventually became the culmination of Resonate. The album art is also somewhat of a personal effect. A self-portrait of his daughter, Antman Ant finds his album art endearing and a lost art in the world of streaming platforms.

Check out Resonate down below!

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