We all want Daft Punk to tour, you’re not alone. Countless theories and rumors into their next tour is extensive online, we all know that.

The next best thing we got is a Daft Punk pop-up shop in Los Angeles, taking place during the week of the Grammy’s hosted by Guy-Manuel and Thomas Bangalter. Skrillex and The Weeknd were among the many visitors of the pop-up shop, Skrillex even performing for a bit before its official opening. In an impromptu talk with Rolling Stone, Skrillex mentioned his relationship with the robotic duo.

“It was the day of the show and I just found out about it. So I drove to the concert [and] I didn’t have a ticket, so I scalped one. I almost got beat up by some scalpers on the way in because I tried to haggle them in the wrong way. So I got in, it changed my life, fast forward and now we get to work with some of the same people. I’ve only hung out with them a couple times, but they’re nice people and still continue to change the world with music. I’m trying to get them to do a live show. Come on guys, let’s get a live show again.”


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