Here just in time for Valentine’s Day, legendary trance dance icon, Armin van Buuren teams up with singer and songwriter, Bonnie McKee, on the brand new single, ‘Lonely For You’. The song comes hot out the gates with a break-beat drum pattern and a catchy piano riff giving the single a very energetic flow. Although the song may ride high with energy, the lyrics by Bonnie McKee paint a much more solemn message of what one would go through during a post-breakup where she describes below:

“’Lonely For You’ is a song about recovering from losing someone, picking up the pieces and putting one foot in front of the other to move on from them – almost. Sometimes, we are able to logically talk ourselves out of loving someone, and even feel relieved that they’re gone…but in the lonely hours of darkness in the still of the night, those feelings can creep up from the shadows and suck us back into the trap of missing that someone, even if we know they’re not right for us.” – Bonnie McKee

And so, Valentine’s Day may be a day of appreciation for loved ones and significant others if applicable, but Armin and Bonnie are here to remind that love and its counterpart, heart break, are just another pit stop in this crazy journey we call life. The heart break phase provides a moment of clarity and possibly strength as one overcomes the pains of letting go of those once loved.

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