It’s really only a matter of time until an artist cannot take the negative feedback they receive, especially when the stress of touring hits. To be frank, the Trance community can turn out some of the ugliest insults to artists they dislike(surprising considering the nature of the music), but their latest target Arty was not having it.

Booked to play a classics set in Sydney, Arty’s set time was cut short and he decided to use mashups to get as much music in as possible; this was met with incredibly harsh comments that nobody deserves…and to be honest, comments not worth repeating due to their lack of intelligence. The reason why people would go to such lengths to attack someone else are still beyond us, but it drove him to post a lengthy response on his page:

For all of you who likes my recent music, THANK YOU so much for support, thanks for being open minded and for letting me being me. For all of others, mentioning “old arty was better”, constantly keep doing it? Seriously, go away. There is a lot of beautiful 140 trance records around. You better focus on giving support to the artist you like, than bashing artist that you don’t like anymore. It is simple as that.

Sound like something you’ve heard before? It does to us, and this idea will remain the response because it’s the truth. Wasting time trying to get an artist to make what they used to with blunt comments on social media isn’t getting anyone anywhere, point blank period.

Read the whole post below:

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