The rumors are true: our humble rave and dance community is going hip-hop! Well, sort of.

As trends, tastes, and playlists change, the GDE network is evolving as well. In the very near future, Global Dance Electronic will be expanding to other genres and growing outside of its current boundaries with the introduction of “Hip Hop Events Now”. The GDE team’s blueprint has already been mapped out, we just need some help from this outlet’s most important, essential asset to get the ball rolling.

In the next couple months, we’re asking YOU, the core of what makes this whole GDE experiment work, to help us out! We’re looking to add a small army of freelance artists of the written and visual variety to our small but tight-knit team. Here are the requirements:

– THIS IS ABSOLUTELY A REQUIREMENT: Must have a neverending love, appreciation, and respect for all things related to hip-hop, electronic music, and dance.

– A passion for creating content involving the arts. From followers of Supreme to lovers of Trance, we want it all!

– The ability to travel to events when necessary. We want to see you guys in the digital AND real worlds!

What you’ll gain:

– Press credentials to events.
– Interviews and contact with artists.
– Invaluable writing and journalism experience applicable to a resume.
– Experience with the industry.
– A canvas to express yourself and be heard by thousands.

For those interested in joining the new GDE/HHEN team, email us at [email protected] with a couple (or few) paragraphs explaining why you want to join our team. Include links to your social media accounts and any previous work you have done as well.

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